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Be Known.


adjective | on·y·mous  | \ˈänəməs

to be known, to be identified, to be defined

Never Anonymous.

Welcome to




Welcome to the family

Our concept is simple. When you succeed, we succeed.

At OM Incorporated our success is truly dependent on your results. 

Don’t ever be anonymous, in marketing it’s always ONYMOUS.

Marketing in the Modern Era

Never anonymous, a media mix should always be defined in a way that clearly elevates your brand's uniqueness and efficiently drives relevant traffic your way... that's Onymous Media.


After decades of working in the corporate world for fortune 500 companies and designing media strategies for hundreds of local, national and global brands we've learned a lot.  Most importantly, we've learned that a marketing company is defined by it's people not products. Our company is comprised of partnerships with professionals that truly find purpose in making a difference by helping businesses thrive.


We are marketing nerds and pride ourselves on constantly learning and scrutinizing strategies to positively impact your business. You can trust that when you work with us, you are a part of our family. 

Media Planning

Cross-Channel Media Planning, Comparison, Placement & Attribution

Digital Marketing

Full Service Campaign Design, Optimization, Tracking & Reporting


Websites, Graphics, Videos, Logos & Marketing Collateral


Sales Funnel Strategy, Business Branding, Imaging, & CRM Integration

We Work for You

At OM, we are here for you and place your goals first. Unlike many media companies, we do not operate with product quotas that interfere with a client's optimum marketing strategy. This policy ensures we recommend the very best solutions for you. The team at OM provides account management, creative execution, and marketing strategies targeted to win over your unique customer base. There are no short-term employees or fresh college grads here, only proven and tested top-tier marketing professionals with years and years of successful experience.



Comprised entirely of seasoned professionals at the very top of their fields working to ensure that your business thrives.

Solutions Designed with the Whole Picture in Mind. 

We know that determining how to spend your marketing dollars in the most effective way is no small task for any business. Regardless of the marketing channel, the team at OM can create a customized marketing solution designed to engage your target demographic. OM has developed transparent and sophisticated tools used for comparing, optimizing, executing and measuring marketing campaigns. The mission is to put our clients ahead of the curve and boost their success by delivering big business marketing tools with small business client care and accountability.

A Few Marketing Channels of Focus:

Broadcast TV/Cable







Influencer Posting

Native Advertising

Online Video

Marketing Automation

CRM Integration

Paid Leads

In-app Advertising

Email Marketing

Website Design

Reputation Management


Geo Fencing

Social Media Management

Display Advertising

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